Five Considerations When Shopping For A Suitcase

Buying a suitcase is quite an investment, and if you are spending hard earned cash, then it’s important to ensure that you end up with something versatile that will serve you for years. We have put together five pointers to be considered when purchasing new suitcases to help you make a sound decision.

What to consider when buying a suitcase

Size and weight

fdgdfgdfgfdgdfgPossibly this is the most significant factor to consider when choosing luggage because it will determine how much you can pack for your trip. And that is not all. The size and weight of your suitcase also need to be compliant with the rules and regulations of your chosen airline or means of transport. This means that what you pack and the size, shape, and weight of the empty bag are critical. Most soft cases and bags that offer you flexibility are hefty. A high fraction of the best bags is made of hard case polycarbonate or aluminum. The two are great options because the are lightweight, robust and durable.


Wheeled luggage has revolutionized the travel industry, and manufacturers produce cases with two or four wheel options. So, which is the best for your case? Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. For instance, a four-wheeled suitcase gives you much flexibility meaning that you can either choose to push or pull the bag. On the flipside, two-wheeled options are a bit heavier because you still need to support the weight of the cases. Four wheeled cases allow you a 360-degree range of motion, can fit down narrow streets on their side and perform well on all types of terrain.

On the opposite, two-wheeled luggage is harder to handle in tight spaces and are heavier to lift. Although the don’t offer as much flexibility as four-wheeled cases, their wheels are hidden reducing the bags dimension and taking up less space. This means that you will get more room for your luggage. The only disadvantage four-wheeled cases have is that the wheels are either bolted outside the case or recessed in the bag that reduces their capabilities or makes the case larger and heavier.


Expandability is one of the most useful features in a suitcase. Most cases are expanded using an interior zip. This means that you can pack more if you decide. And that is not all. The expandability factor will help you zip up your case with much ease. When you are carrying less luggage, this feature will help you create a tiny more compact space.


fgdfgdfgdgdgdHard case suitcases give you the chance to pack it from both sides. In simple terms, they give you better access to your luggage and allow you to separate them. Hard case luggage includes pockets and straps for the separation. Soft bags that are top opening are more of a hassle because they lack compartments meaning that your possessions will be difficult to access.


Cases that are available in the market come with two types of handles that include the T-bar style handle and the traditional pull up handle. Both have their pros and cons. The pull up handle wastes more space, unlike the T-bar handle style that takes less space. For more about suitcases visit Rimowa experts twitter page.

A Closer Look At Uber Coupon Codes And Free Rides

Do you have to be a loyal Uber customer to enjoy their free rides? Interestingly, it is both Yes and No. According to recent developments, Uber is planning to spend an enormous amount for both its existing users and those that it intend to come on board. Uber releases new promo codes for its users periodically, though they expire after a given time. Facebook is a sure stop for anyone looking for the latest coupon codes. As such, anyone with a Facebook account should be on the lookout for top deals.

The $20 Uber Credit – FacebookDSFswdsdfdAWhbedts

The $20 free ride available for existing Uber users. However, this ride can only be enjoyed withing the set period. Ideally, this credit is advanced to Uber users that have integrated Uber with their accounts via the Facebook Messager. Thus, you only need to set a new account using the Facebook Messager and enjoy a free ride. This does not mean that new Uber users are locked out as they can sneak their way in and enjoy this free credit.

How an Existing User Can Get a Free Ride?

Unfortunately, existing users rarely existing users rarely have coupon codes. As such, after using their first coupon code, most users are left waiting for others, which might take some time. Notably, there are currently no coupon codes for existing users but you can always have many of those during special events. Therefore, yours only need to know where to get them and how to get them.


As much as existing users rarely have promo codes, there are many ways to enjoying a couple of free rides. First, you need to share the good news with your friends. Notably, inviting friends via Uber’s referral program is one of best ways of getting free rides. This process requires you to send a referral link with your code. After they take their first trip, you will find a free ride credited on your account.

Share a Ride

dcfADCfADcfDAdvcdvdvvBesides the referral program, you can also earn a free ride by riding wit a friend that has never had one before. Moreover, you can also share your code with them to enjoy double rides. As such, you can enjoy the extra credit on your back leaving you with one more ride.

Getting a credit may seem involving and tiresome. However, with a few free credits, it will be much easier that thought. For a fact, thousands of people enjoy free rides on a daily basis. You only need to learn and act fast.