Visiting Underground River Parking List

The Puerto Princesa Underground River along with the El Nido and Coron is visited by thousands of tourists every year and especially during peak holidays. Being a UNESCO World Heritage site, the underground river is a majestic place that showcases wide range variety of biodiversity and offers fun and memorable experience for the tourists.

It is, therefore, important that as you plan to visit and tour this one of the 7 Wonders of Nature, you have a parking list to enable you to enjoy the trip.

Items that you may require as you tour


The cream will help you to enjoy your trip without the constant stinging and sensational burn from the sun. You should bring sunscreen of not less than 30 SPF and regularly apply at intervals of half an hour during the trip. The cream should be able to protect your skin from the UV rays that can cause skin cancer.

Insect repellent

The incidence of tourists getting sick with malaria has always been rare though it has always been the main concern when visiting the province. However, it is important to include an insect repellent in your parking list so that you will use it to protect yourself against other insect bites. You can look for a natural repellent that has minimal side effects on your skin.

Camera and video camera

The trip should be a time to spend with the loved ones and share memories that should last for long. Therefore, your camera and video recorder should be near you every time to help you capture every moment. While touring the Underground River, there are several flora and fauna species that you could record with your video camera. You can also come with your phone instead of the camera whichever is convenient for you.

Hat and sunglasses

At times it can get quite hot in the province and a wide hat should be ideal in helping you to protect yourself from the heat. You can easily buy a hat at the city, so you don’t necessarily have to carry one with you. You can carry a pair of sunglasses to help protect yourself from the glaring sunlight and also from the harmful UV Rays.

DIY route map

You can study the place very well so that you can opt to carry route map of the Underground River. This especially important if you are not planning to hire a tour guide during the tour.

Light snariver in cavecks

You will be allowed to carry some snacks during the tour. It is, however, important that you don’t eat heavy especially if you are easily prone to sea sickness. You can also decide not carry any snacks as lunch is offered in the Underground River Tour Package.

The few parking list mentioned above should help you enjoy your trip to the majestic Underground River and without any trouble and frustrations.