Cleaning Your Camping Tent

A camping tent is an investment that should be handled with care. Cleaning your camping tent regularly helps it to last longer. Find the best family tents for a successful camping experience. Keeping your tent clean and orderly is relatively easy but important for the next camping experience.

Cleaning and mantainance tips for tents

Read the manufacturer instructions

Many people tend to ignore the instructions from the manufacturer when they are purchasing tents. These instructions usually have step by step guidelines on how thtente tent should be handled for it to last longer.

It is important to go through those instructions before you lose them. If your tent is passed down to you from a friend or colleague it is important to check the handling guidelines online before your first camping expedition.

Clean the tent after camping expeditions

If the tent is soiled from previous camping expeditions, it is proper to clean them immediately so as to keep them in shape. You should remove the mildew with a mixture of water and bleach solution that is equally mixed.

Use a nonabrasive sponge with cold water and a nondetergent cleaning soap. Always avoid perfume products because they are known to attract pests. Set the tent in shade until the moisture is completely dried out.

Keep the tent clean when at the camp

Select a campsite that has a flat topography and proper drainage. Use a ground cloth on the ground to avoid water from seeping into the tent.

Keep the inside of the tent clean by storing boots and other muddy materials outside. This will help to keep bugs and debris away from the interior of the tent

Pack the tent carefully

The tent should always be packed when it is dry. This will help prevent the growth of mildew and also avoid bad odor. When folding the tent avoid using the same fold lines as before, this helps to prevent it from becoming brittle. The shock corded poles should be handled with a lot of care because they easily break.

Camp tent maintenance

Apart from clechildren in tentaning your tent regularly and handling it with care, you should always check the tent material and the seams to ascertain whether you need to replace the waterproofing and the sealing.

When applying the waterproofing always ensure that the tent is completely dried before it is packed up. Never use a dryer and an automatic washing machine when cleaning the tent.